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Company Profile

Sungel International Pvt.Ltd   

This company was  incorporated on 22.05.2012.

Sungel international Pvt Ltd is one of the Leading Stationery Company in India, This company will sell all the range of stationery products with in March 2015.  At Present company is dealing Japan's Technology with ISO 9001:2008  International Quality Certified  Calculators and worlds one of the leading Designer  and High Quality Pens.  

Quality :  Sungel is committed to sell High quality Pens,Calculator,Files and Stapler to the total satisfaction of its customers. 

Operation : Sungel International products will avilable in entire India in all the taluk level. company will appoint Distributor in all the taluk level across india. each state 2 super stockiest will appoint and each taluk 1 distributor will appoint. 

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  • At Present Sungel is 100% Imported Stationery products and trading in india based at chennai
  • Expected Turnover approx : 100 crore in 2015-2016
  • Sungel is Fast moving consumer goods company
How we make it possible………
  • Strongly market driven, the focus is on Value Addition, New Product Development, Quality Enhancement and Sustainability backed by a Marketing and Technical team with the capability to constantly enrich relationships and deliver ever increasing satisfactory levels.
  • Dedicated team 
  • World Class  Quality, Packing and  Service
  • Well established departments: Human Resources, Finance and Accounts, Production, Purchase and Marketing 

Sungel International Pvt Ltd

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